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Extreme scootering and shopping for shoes

lots of fun can be had with a fish eye

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Since my bleeding feet had really got the better of me I decided that I needed to buy new triainers especially given the amount of wandering we would be doing which in the various national parks we are going to. Adrian knew of this place where they did discount shoes so we decided to scooter there. It took like an hour is was so far away and on the way there was this road full of memorial places like cemetery after cemetery it was pretty weird but there were some well posh head stones in places. I had a look for Colette to see if there was a playboy bunny one but I couldn’t see one on the way through probably just as well as I think it would have exceeded my baggage allowance a wee bit.

We eventually arrived at this shopping area kinda like green bridge in Swindon for the local swindonites reading this. We were very hungry so decided to get some munchies and while there I thought it best to go in the mobile phone shop and try and get a phone charger as for some reason best know to itself mine won’t work here GRRR. So I missioned into the shop and the charger was like $30 which I thought was well expensive and the man told me I can buy a phone for $40 with $10 of credit and get rebate of $20 so a whole new phone for $10! Bargain eh so I brought one. On the way to the shoe store me and Adrian swap some rails and decided to go for some ‘extreme scootering’ shots with the fish eye. Was rather amusing as there was nothing extreme about it but we kinda blagged it to make it look like it lol.


In the shop it was like tkMaxx with racks of discount designer stuff and sooooooooo many shoes! I found many many pairs of uber nice etnies but decided on buying just the two after all one had 35% off the marked price how could I say no? they cost me $70 for two pairs that’s like £35! Such good value I was well excited. I promptly threw my old vans away I was sad to see them go but never mind there are always a few losses on such trips.

On the way back we stopped at a park I had notice on the way filled with ducks and geese. I took some pictures of them as they were quite cute.


That evening me and Adrian were flicking through the channels and watched the weirdest but quite possibly the most addictive sports program (well if you can call it a sport) the national spelling bee final. It was hysterical watching these kids getting really into it. They even had speller profiles making them into mini celebs haha. The kid that won was really geeky looking and kept saying ‘I like math’ in a stereotypical American geek accent but it was just such a funny show. I say bring it to the UK hours of entertainment seriously!

Now today was a very exciting day as we got to pick up our hire car we went to the airport and had to stand in a really long line then we got lost trying to find the car. But then you just get to pick what ever car you want from the car park. There was a choice of 4 cars 2 of the same model of this dodgie looking white thing. A Kia…just say no. and this well good sporty looking bright red coupe Chevy Cobalt (at least I think that’s the model lol) its got a spoiler and everything! So we choose that one! Two immediate problems, I had no idea how to drive an auto and we were on te wrong side of the road in a country where round abouts don’t exist and just because the light is red doesn’t mean you have to stop??? I know dodgie eh! We nearly got killed on the way to the freeway when some moron nearly had us broadside him by pulling out across a 4 way junction when we were on green light. I know this because for a second I was worried maybe it was my fault but Adrian assured me he was the wanker. Phew. So then onto the freeway where there appears to be no rules about under/over taking and you just go as fast as you want in any of the 6 lanes hummm..? it was all going great till Adrian said we need to get off now so a quick slightly scary sweep across 4 lanes of the freeway and we were on the home straight. We went for a BK to recover and then went to safeway to pick up toilet roll for the road trip. In the car park @ safeway I was the only one reversing into my space it was well weird like no one else knows how??? They all drive in very strange.

This afternoon I had a well bad headache and led in bed it was sooooo annoying. Adrian has gone ot a concert this evening with I am too povo to attend and I was too proud to take the money to go off his family. But his aunt took me out for pizza tonight it was well nice! Then I watched a womens softball game on ESPN it was pretty cool although I still don’t exactly understand the scoring system although I am sure its simplier than it looks :-S

Any how I am off to bed now as we need to be up at 5am to leave for our road trip. This might be my last entry for a while as I am not too sure on internet while I am road tripping but fingers crossed I will be able to keep you all updated!

Happy birthday Mum for today/tomorrow! dependant on time zone :)

Happy Birthday Steph for Sunday!


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