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Monaco – Monte Carlo our night with the rich and Famous!

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We were only about 30mins drive from Monaco so we decided to head over that way in the evening. On the way there we passed lots of luxuary cars. Mainly maserati’s and Ferraris. They were all very pretty cars :D there was a convertible Bentley aswell which switched it up a bit. Upon arrival to the province the number of expensive cars went through the roof and we decided to head for the Monte Carlo casino as our first stop :D we stuck chitty down in the car park there and went exploring.

The fountains were very pretty and there were a lot of very wealthy ‘looking’ people. I am pretty sure many were just like us only they were pretending not to be skanky. We went into the casino and Dale gambled €5 on the one armed bandits. He let me pull that handle for a bit it was quite exciting although we didn’t win anything other than upping the money once to twice to lengthen the fun and games.

There is the famous Paris café next to the casino which offers a great view of the casino and fountains so we went there for probably the most expensive beer in history. €8 per bottle of Monaco beer. I am glad I tried it and stole my bottle but I wouldn’t recommend the beer to others as it was pretty gross! We looked around at all the people in the resturant and realised there was a hell of a lot of sugar daddys in there with their younger models. We noticed at least three extreme examples right by us! Maybe I have got all this education and working hard malarkie wrong and actually I should just find some old wrinkly!

From the café we walked around the harbour and looked at the yachts and speed boats. There were loads of them and we were amazed at how much money must be sat in that harbour!

On the way out we were trying to find a McDonalds but some of the roads were closed so this made life difficult and resulted in me having to sneak into a bar to use their toilet before we eventually started heading back towards the campsite and a McDonalds nearer there…we couldn’t afford real food in MC!

So all in all a great night out I just hope one day through hard work I can get to enjoy a place like that properly with my yacht and Aston Martin…which unlike a Ferrari won’t break down half way from England when I take it there :-p

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