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The road to Liechtenstein (33/35!!!! Countries!)

This place is so small but sooo cool!

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We planned on setting off early but instead ended up shopping around the town for a bit. I was really excited about this part of the trip as the alps are my favourite place in the world and driving there is awesome! The drive took a fair while and we arrived at about 5pmish in the capital of Liechtenstein. The capital was more like a large village which was a bit disturbing. We parked up in a multi storey (ok there were two) and then found our way to the TI. Sadly it was closed so we figured the next best thing was a souvenir shop to ask where we might be able to camp for the night. The guy there directed us to the bus station but the information stand there was also closed so we were still at a loss DOH!

We went into anther tourist stop and then found out that there was a camp site in the next town over in Triesen. We headed that way and once we were in the town stopped at what we thought was a garage but in fact turned out to be a supermarket. We asked if they spoke English and the girl ran away and made an announcement for someone that spoke englsih to come. A nice girl came and she helped us find our way to the nearest campsite. After she had told us where to head we askd her what language they spoke in Leictenstien as the mother toungue and to out surprise she didn’t know and wasn’t really able to help us. She said sort of like swiss, german, French with some Italian.

WE foudnt eh camp site with ease and the had room for us and our tent and the price was good at CHF33 per night. We asked the girl there what language she spoke and again she didn’t really know ☹

Once we were all camped up and tea’s up we decided we were going to go into Austria to get our tick in the box for that country also to look for a supermarket enroute. There was no supermarket but we got to Austria in no time but alas no supermarket there either! RUBBISH. So back to a fuel station and the staple of the trip pasta and butter it was again! LOVERLY JUBBERLY! We ate and had amazing hot showers afterwards these were quite possibly the best we have had since scadinavia so well done Leictenstien for not only having the nicest people we have encountered so far but the best camping facilities!

A slightly bad nights sleep followed though I had a nightmare about nasty things and Dale I think did too. We also heard a wild animal foraging and trying to get into our tent but it lost interest and wandered off so we were ok in the end!

Lichtensteiniens that don’t know their native tongue: 100%

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