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December 2007

International Congress on Science and Skiing in St Christoph

AUSTRIA...took 15hrs GRRR

snow -30 °C

Ok so despite the mamoth mission to get here the massive amounts of snow made it all worth the wait.

There have been loads of really interesting presentations and I have learned a lot and met loads of well cool people the USA team ski and Snowboarding coaches for one!

In the village there is around 2m of snow but is bloody cold here like -25deg cold!

On the saturday we had guided skiing of the St Anton area it was really good but the snow was very hard as it was so cold even the instructors were slipping a bit at times. We had a good group though and everyone was about the same level. the thing that has suprised me here is it seems to be very anti snowboarding. There are only a handful of snowboarders here and people look at you like you have some kind of disease or something its a bit strange. On teh sunday i really wanted to ride but not wanting to pay for the lift pass i went for a hike and did a nice powder run behind the hotel. After that i decided to build a kicker on the side of the piste and practice my 180s, it was all going well till some wanker shouted at me and told me off. GRRRR.

So yesterday i went snowboarding as well but this time i had a snowboard instructor and we went on a right mission it was one to one and we built a step up kicker in the powder but the run up was too slow event flat liniing for me which was a shame. We went through this massive natural pipe it was well good a little chopped up s hard work but so much fun. We continued with the powder riding and i saw the instructor disapear off what i thought was a small lciff so i followed and knew it was a long way down when i almost smashed my knee on my chin, i turned back and realised we'd jumped off a roof! it was so cool! We carried on riding the powder and then went into the park and hit a few rails but the landings were bullet proof and it didn;t take long before i bashed myself up pretty bad on one of the rails.

Hurts pretty bad...ok really bad but i hope it will be ok as i am going to avoriaz in a few days which will be a million times more fun!

This evening we went on a sleigh ride for about 5km it was really nice and the snow was so deep. but it was very very cold my eyes were watering and i got ice on my face and eye lashes and inside my nose - gross i know but thats what happened! Me and this japanese guy were huddled up in a heap on the back of the sleigh it was well funny. he then remembered he had left his hat somewhere so i dunno what happened to him after that.

Tomorrow is the last day of the conference and has a few more interesting lectures. I am looking forward to them but in some ways can;t wait to get home and have some real food - they don;t do chicken here nor to they understand what veggie means, i was presented with 3 disgusing tasting mushrooms the other night for tea what i said no meat. Today i munched hard ont eh chocolate moose probably the most i have eaten since i arrived here. It seems there is not much point in getting up early for breakfast tomorrow as they have run out of bread aswell GRRRR so think i will steal about 3 chocolate crossants at break time like i did today haha.

On thursday i have to fly home to gatwick which is a pain in the arse but thankfully gwyn has offered to pick me up which is very kind of him.

I think then i will have a bit of a rest before christmas although i have so much stuff to think about from the conference its strange seeing all the different reasech routes people are taking - some of it is very simplistic some very complex. For me other than the snowboarding the highlight of the week was having an italian researcher come up and introduce himself to me saying he knew about my work and it was an honour to meet me! For me it was an honour to meet him as he is one of the world experts in the field and he has asked me to help with his future work into snowboards and their dynamic paths of travel on the slope as we were discussing the no carved turn theory.

anyways i am off to bed getting tired.

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