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October 2009

Saas Fee - Switzerland

Filming for the BBC pretty awesome

snow -10 °C

It was a really early start for me with the BBC filming as I needed to get to LHR for 7am. I also needed a hire car as mine wasn't big enough. George at TV6 arranged for me to pick up a vauxhall Astra saturday morning and then use that early on the sunday. I picked it up thanks to mz brother and Jo and was quite scared as it went bloody quick! it was a petrol SRi sport so much quicker than my little run about!

Early sunday morning I got up and headed over to Hethrow which is just over an hour. I needed to stop at Reading services for a expresso though as I was really tired by that point. Sadly the staff there burnt the coffee and then di't know how to put my AA discount through on the till and I had to show them, fortunately I used to work in a moto services so knew how to do it.

I had parking prebooked in the business park and it was really easy to find which was great. Then a short bus ride and I was in the terminal. I had a bit of a wait for the others but I had arrived about 20mins early. Emma was first then Barb and Cody (Cody was going to be riding with me for the filming). I was really excited about the poster I had got the day before from STEM which has me on so I showed it to Barb who was impressed with it :) I was very pleased. We went to check in and Emma said we were flying out economy but back Business which is awesome! A massive thank you to Swiss Air who sorted out the flights for us as it was a real privilege and great! We had breakfast in giraffe really nice terminal one has definately got better food outets than I remember from previous trips.

Once we arrived at Zurich the ground staff were so well organised and had our bags there already FAB! defo flying there again. We then had to get a train which wasn't for about an hour or so. within the airport complex there is a huge shopping centre so we got some food and drink before boarding the train for the three hour journey to Visp in...first class! Swiss tourist board really did a excellent job hosting us! When in Visp we needed to hop on the Saas Fee bus which was full of school children and make our way to the village.


Upon arrival I thought how pretty it all looked no cars only little electric buggies the air was so clean and fresh. Emma wanted to get some Broll film of Cody and I walking up towards the train station so work started right away we got some shots and then the buggy from the hotel had arrived to pick us up. We were staying at Popcorn hotel which is sponsored by quiksilver and really snowboard orientated. The downstairs and foyay didn't look overly impressive and I was begining to think OMG what have I let myself in for (made worse by the fact that all the children from the bus were in the hotel!) but when I opened the door to my room I couldn't have got it more wrong. Spacious room, nice bathroom and comfy bed. There was also a PS2, TV and hi-fi. I was next to Cody and he and I had a massive joint balcony looking out over the town it was awesome!

We decided to go for an explore and went to the bar where we got free popcorn! nice! For tea we decided to eat in the hotel with the camera man and sound man. I thought the sound man had a cool name Blaze :D

Very early morning on day two and beat the crowds to the ski lifts where Steph from the swiss tourist board met us. She then got us in the back door to begin our accent up the three lifts we needed to take to get to the summit of Saas Fee! There was a lot more snow than I imagined and the low lying cloud was gorgeous back drop for some opening scenes. After this the camera man did some follow cam of me riding this was pretty cool! I then had to be interviewed in the park about a prototype board while Cody looked the business riding! Was so good. Cody said the pipe was nice and managed some great tricks on the boards!


It was Tbars to get back up which wasn't my favorite thing but I only had to go up and down a few times. The next scene was some work with the compact Rio Data logger I had to set it all up and then Cody had to record some data on the runs with it. Sadly I didn't have the crossover cable to download the data there and then as that would have been great. The snow was beginning to get soft and slushy I quite liked riding in this and it was extraordinary how it had gone from January type bullet proof conditions to Spring riding slush in 4 hours.


The Swiss tourist board treated us to dinner in the revolving restaurant at the top of the mountain the views were beautiful and I can only imagine would be better in winter. We then made our way back down the three lifts. (two gondolas and a train).

That night for tea we ate in the hotel again after failing to find another restaurant with space. Also the recommendation I had had from a MBA colleague was a 5* place and we couldn't afford that. Cody and I then went out on the 'town' for a bit and made some local friends. Was a really great night and then topped off when we left and it was snowing :)

The early morning the next day wasn't great. I tried to sleep on the bus and train but didn't manage it. I was glad when we made it to Zurich and I could chill in the airport and have some lunch. We were flying back business class so headed to the lounge and ate some more and had some complimentary beverages. The flight was smooth and we were back in London in no time!

I drove back to Swindon where I checked in to the Madison hotel and waited for the rest of the crew. They arrived quite late before I went for an early night ready for filming in the lab the next day for part two of the BBC LearningZone film.

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