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June 2007

The long road back to San Francisco

News flash bear stars in hardcore porno in Sequoia National park

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We arrived at Zion in the afternoon, quickly pitched tent. I found a massive lizard in the bushes I was like oh MATE this lizard is huge. We drove to the shuttle start and eventually worked out where the bus was and got on it. Zion was a park where the bus ran through the canyon itself. There was a river and on the first stop I quickly jumped it I promptly got very wet as my trousers fell in the water and there was a fish in it it was really good. I got out and we did a short hike for about a mile and walked all along the rivers edge. We saw a wild turkey wit babies which was really cute.
On the way back we decided that we wanted to go along to this place called the weeping rock this was a short but really steep hike. It was well worth it though as the stone was literally bleeding water and in the sun it looked so cool dripping off.
That night we were pleased that it was really reall hot in the tent and we got to enjoy and warm night without needing to rug up tight.


This was a forest national park and 7 hrs drive from Zion roughly. It was black bear country and although very rare to see me and Adrian were really hoping we would come across one. In the park there is the biggest tree in the world this was a fairly short hike and there was a lot of wildlife along the way like squirele and chipmunks they were well good. The trees were cool but there was still no signs of any bears. As I had drove the 7hrs to the park Adrian volunteered to drive through it on the way out with the plan to find camping this meant that I was on bear watch. As we were driving through I saw what appeared to be a mother and a cub high up in the foliage. I shouted at Adrian to reverse despite the fact that there was a car behind us it worked and so did they, they then realised why when they saw the bears. When I looked up I realised It was not actually a mother and a cub but infact bears having sex. It was so funny there was quite a back log of traffic developing and quite an audience before they stopped when the female quickly ran away haha I could tell the bloke was blatantly up for it being on film but the woman had other ideas before being splashed on you tube. Its really really rare to see a black bear and your really really lucky if you see one but to see two in a compromising position is unheard of.

We stopped at the next rangers station and I reported the sighting and they were reallt excited and wanted to see my pictures which was cool. We then went to a camp site which we decided wasn;t safe as there were not many people and we knew there were bears in the area. So we moved on toward Yosemite the park we were visiting the next day we eventually found accomidation in a travel lodge in a town called Fresno which was about an hour away from the park.


This again was a forest park with waterfalls and a large river. Like before I went in for a quick dip it was funny but the water was nice and cold as the temperature was 36deg C. We took some pictures of the rock formations but due to the heat we decided against going for any long hikes as we were advised that the large lake we wanted to see was almost dry. Instead we decided to head back to san Francisco a day early as it meant saving on another nights accomidation and that we would have time to wash the car before returning it to remove the dust. The drive back started in polava with some Cosmos holidays wanker coach driver tail gating us through the park blasting his horn then over taking in a no passing zone we were doing the speed limit which is low to protect the wildlife. We got his plate number and all the details and I reported him to the ranger who reported him to the police and he could be banned from the park so a job well done :D
We got back to San Fran at about 8pm and starving we headed to round house pizza. I decided I wanted a medium and was promptly told that a large was on offer so I should get it as cheaper so I did and the bloody thing was nearly as big as me lol. Was very funny but I did well only leaving one slice out of 18! I rule!

San Francisco

Today we returned the car and then went on a mission to find a long board base for simon and a skateboard for me. We went all over san fran literally it was quite a mission and we couldn’t find a long board shop it was well annoying but I did manage to find a cool skateboard its got a neon plink while and black base and I got neon pink trucks and wheels it looks well good, I can’t ride It very well mind and I ride it goofy but I snowboard regular so I have decided that I am messed up somewhere lol. We got into this building and I tried olliing on carpet but I could only get like 1inch of air but it’s the taking part that counts.
Last day in san fran tomorrow then off to Chicago! Speak to you all soon.

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Human Stampede

for the love of god watch the novelty film

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Santa Monica LA Hollywood

Not sure exactly what I wrote about this already I know I updated it randomly while I was in the town munching on. While in santa monica we went sunbathing on Venice beach well kinda, it was a bit cloudy and cold erm…yeah but we went into the sea for a paddle. Next day was Hollywood an hour long bus ride which was full of stinky homeless people no offence but they were and it made me feel sick. The main strip was good fun looking at the stars and meeting the people dressed up as celebraties and stuff. We went to the Hollywood sign but it was far too cloudy so we couldn’t see it  then rode another smelly bus trip home and I came to the conclusion that a lot of people here are quite rude as they just push and shove and hardly ever say please or thank you GRRR. Santa monica was really nice and walking along the beach and the pier was well good.


Ok the highlight for this was one of two things….meeting winnie the pooh and getting a massage of him ohhh yeh :-D or the fact that space mountain the ride was closed all afternoon only to reopen at 6pm with someone shouting ‘space mountains open!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ which caused a honest to god human stampeed! It was awesome there were fat people running like someone was dangling their last meal in front of their face it was histerical.

For the love of god click this!!!

Me and Adrian had fast passes so went straight to the front only to piss off all the fat people who stampeded to get there it was well funny haha! We then went on a few water rides trying to get cool pictures but it didn’t work. I did succeed in getting over 100k on the buzz lightyear ride which is amazingly high I am a hot shot haha!

Joshua Tree National park

This was one of the scariest experiences of my life. People who know me know that although I always say things like I’m getting anxious I am very rarely scared but this place was scary! The park was well good with amazing views and cactus’s it was so hot as its right in the desert which was cool. The scary part was the camp site which we arrived to when it was dark. There was no one there like seriously no one! The toilet was a stinking hole in the ground and there were rattle snakes every where and we were warned about the coyotes. Now the snakes and the dogs didn’t really scare me it was the fact that we were possibly the only people for a 5 mile radius! Anything could have happened I was so scared we were going to get snatched and ass rapped or something in the night! Eeew!!! But we survived the night and made it on to the next leg of our journey.

Grand canyon via…lake havasu city (un intentional)

Leaving early from our frightening ordel we were on our way to the grand canyon some 7 hours away but some 3 inches on the map. All was going well till just over the Arizona border when a log 3ft long and 6inch square was lying in the road as we were over taking a lorry on the freeway. We hit it and it took the car off the road I managed to control it to safety and we were both ok but the car was totalled and had to be replaced by the garage. GRRR. Lucky for us just as we pulled over to the side of the road a nice man named carl with a tow truck pulled over saying he saw the accident and would we like a lift to the nearest town we talked to the car rental company and they agreed to pay carl as otherwise we would have had the car impounded for stopping on the freeway. This nearest city was lake havasu literally in the middle of no where in the desert comprising of a few houses and a walmart. We hid in the walmart as we waited for our new car to come all the way from Vegas! GRRR. In walmart a nice native American lady topped up my mobile phone and we found that rather than buying camp beds (after the previous nights experience we were slightly nervous about the floor again) we could buy swimming lie lows for like $1.50 it was so cool! While in lake havasu we had to re plan everything as we were no longer going to get to see the grand canyon that day as it was a further 4 hours off. So we decided to go for 2 nights on the south rim and work out the rest of the plan when we got there. Once the car arrived we were swiftly on our way to the grand canyon on the way we stopped for gas and the man in the station warned up as night it was falling to below zero temperature wise, bollocks I though I was sweating my ass off in the car…how wrong can someone be…? Once we got to the grand canyon campsite there was a nice lady who told us we could camp another night when we explained out situation. That night I made a camp fire and I cooked Adrian food on it as I didn’t want anything as I felt sick from a rather large milkshake ( which I did throw up on the fire later that night to douse it). That night it was cold, I had forgotten that although the grand canyon is in the desert it Is also at 8000ft elevation. So yeah it was cold bloody cold.
Next day we did lots of sight seeing on the rim and did all of the points along the trail. Internet is in short supply so I am sorry there are not any pictures on here. It was really cool but if I was honest lacked the wow factor I was expecting. I think this is mainly due to the fact that I spend my winters in the most beautiful mountain range on the planet and for me that is proper like wow! But yeah it was really cool  we made an even bigger fire that night and got really warm before going to bed. We also had planned to stay on the north rim of the canyon as people were saying it was prettier. So that was the plan for the next morning.

Grand canyon north rim 8miles away but a 4 hour drive

We knew we needed to find camping outside the park and we arrived at a place called Jacobs lake and found out there was a campsite right on the lake so we went there on arrival we asked the lady about the lake and if there were any water sports going on there? The lady then said it was more of a pond than a lake. Like me Adrian also assumed this meant a pond by American standards and we thought it would be nice to pitch out tent on the bank. When we got there the woman really wasn’t lying what was presented to us was smaller than my local village pond and that’s saying something! The fact that an entire town is named after it is just plain weird?!?! But anyway it was nice here so we took it for the night and proceeded into the national park for the north rim views which I must say were much nicer than those on the south rim. It was hot here and there were a lot of chipmunks around the place they were really cute. That night we thought it would be cold like on the south rim but we had not planned for the extra 1500ft in elevation we were now at 9500ft and it was bloody freezing! Like super cold! I kept waking up in the night it was that cold I am so glad I brought that 3 season sleeping bag in millets as the 2 season one I think I might have died in!

Bryce canyon national park where I am now.

This is a red canyon park and looks well cool there are like staligmites or whatever they are called all in the bed of the canyon I would have liked to of done a hike here but I am too un fit and we don’t really have the time as It takes a good day for most of them. I think I preferred it here to the grand canyon in some ways mainly due to the colour formations in the rock which were pretty awesome. The bus drivers on the shuttles here are funny as they chat to you while they are driving along and point out animals. We saw some deer and some antelope today aswell as some more chipmunks. Apparently pararie dogs are really common here but we failed to see any. There are rattlesnakes here in addition to bears but I think they are not as common as in other regions. This evening we went to a minging diner which put salt all over the garlic bread it nearly made me vomit quite disgusting! Plus the cheese sandwich was minging aswell GRRR the fries were ok though guess it’s a night of oreos and water for me. On the way back from the diner we hid by a place with free wifi and stole it so we could check emails and stuff but my computer didn’t work GRRR. So hence I am writing this in front of the campfire at our site and I will upload it later.
We are off to cedar breaks and Zion national park tomorrow hopefully some nice weather as I has been nice today but the wind is cold which is a bit annoying as one minute your to hot and the next your too cold. I need to get rid of the tan mark I have from getting sun burn at Disneyland haha. I have also so far managed to avoid any kind of sunglasses tan mark which is good although adrians factor 50 sun block might have something to do with that. I have got lots of nice presents for people well actually that’s a lie I have lots of cheap and scabby presents for people but it’s the thought that counts aint it. I hope you all have got my post cards I have been sending many.

Kirstie from uni if your reading this can you comment me a reply for our OM mark if its out :D I am guessing the exam marks are out by now aswell I hope everyone in the team did well.

Steph I hope your having fun @ uni hehe is there anymore news on phils condition?

Stace, I am driving carefully you know that, wasn’t my turn the other day…it was the cars 

Michelle there is a little something in the post for you I think you’ll like it…well actually I don’t think you’ll like it I think you’ll hit me for it haha but that’s ok. Do you still wana go out for a mission after Bracknell comp? and can you ask Sam to let me know what time it starts plz as I have the prizes and I am guessing I need to be there before it starts even though I will be dangerously jet lagged I might be able to hitch a lift but depends on whether you two want to go out for a mission.

Everyone else a big hello :-D

Liza xxxxxxxxxx

PS its now like 3 days after i wrote this so will update soon :)

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More details to come soon!!!

Car accident and grand canyon

sunny 28 °C

This is going to be a really quick on at the moment we are in the grandcanyon and managed to make it here despite our car having a run in with a massive log on the freeway and being totaled! We are both fine and i managed to swerve us to safety the main reason for this update just in case someone here the tail end of a story from somewhere!

They replaced the car for free as it was covered on insurance and we carried on our journey end of my internet time but i will try and get more details up here soon with piccies! xxx

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San Francisco to Santa Monica

I was on a mission...sorry there are no pics here


Leaving at 6am i took the first shift in driving here to Santa Monica after 4 hours i still wasn't tired and we stopped for some lunch. I carried on and on and on we stopped and took pictures of some seals. I carried on and on and on and 10hrs later of non stop driving we made it to Santa Monica! Check out my skills 10 hrs stright driving wooo!

Yesterday the day we arrive we went to the beach and played in the sea i went sun bathing but there isn't much sun here cos of the smog and the cloud :( but its still hot. We went back had a shower and went for tea in a creprer place but the baguette thing i had filled me up so i didn't eat a crepe i am hoping to go back tonight though and try :D

We didn't get much sleep as the people in our dorm were really noisey and there isn;t anything you can do as its a shared dorm. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Sp we got up today and went into holloywood went and seen all the stars on the floor and the hand prints in clay. We then went to see the hollywood sign but there was too many clouds:(

We came back to santa monica and spent the afternoon on the pier and scootering the beaches was well good! we have not come out to get food and discovered wifi awesome.

Speak to everyone laters xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Disneyland tomorrow!

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Extreme scootering and shopping for shoes

lots of fun can be had with a fish eye

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Since my bleeding feet had really got the better of me I decided that I needed to buy new triainers especially given the amount of wandering we would be doing which in the various national parks we are going to. Adrian knew of this place where they did discount shoes so we decided to scooter there. It took like an hour is was so far away and on the way there was this road full of memorial places like cemetery after cemetery it was pretty weird but there were some well posh head stones in places. I had a look for Colette to see if there was a playboy bunny one but I couldn’t see one on the way through probably just as well as I think it would have exceeded my baggage allowance a wee bit.

We eventually arrived at this shopping area kinda like green bridge in Swindon for the local swindonites reading this. We were very hungry so decided to get some munchies and while there I thought it best to go in the mobile phone shop and try and get a phone charger as for some reason best know to itself mine won’t work here GRRR. So I missioned into the shop and the charger was like $30 which I thought was well expensive and the man told me I can buy a phone for $40 with $10 of credit and get rebate of $20 so a whole new phone for $10! Bargain eh so I brought one. On the way to the shoe store me and Adrian swap some rails and decided to go for some ‘extreme scootering’ shots with the fish eye. Was rather amusing as there was nothing extreme about it but we kinda blagged it to make it look like it lol.


In the shop it was like tkMaxx with racks of discount designer stuff and sooooooooo many shoes! I found many many pairs of uber nice etnies but decided on buying just the two after all one had 35% off the marked price how could I say no? they cost me $70 for two pairs that’s like £35! Such good value I was well excited. I promptly threw my old vans away I was sad to see them go but never mind there are always a few losses on such trips.

On the way back we stopped at a park I had notice on the way filled with ducks and geese. I took some pictures of them as they were quite cute.


That evening me and Adrian were flicking through the channels and watched the weirdest but quite possibly the most addictive sports program (well if you can call it a sport) the national spelling bee final. It was hysterical watching these kids getting really into it. They even had speller profiles making them into mini celebs haha. The kid that won was really geeky looking and kept saying ‘I like math’ in a stereotypical American geek accent but it was just such a funny show. I say bring it to the UK hours of entertainment seriously!

Now today was a very exciting day as we got to pick up our hire car we went to the airport and had to stand in a really long line then we got lost trying to find the car. But then you just get to pick what ever car you want from the car park. There was a choice of 4 cars 2 of the same model of this dodgie looking white thing. A Kia…just say no. and this well good sporty looking bright red coupe Chevy Cobalt (at least I think that’s the model lol) its got a spoiler and everything! So we choose that one! Two immediate problems, I had no idea how to drive an auto and we were on te wrong side of the road in a country where round abouts don’t exist and just because the light is red doesn’t mean you have to stop??? I know dodgie eh! We nearly got killed on the way to the freeway when some moron nearly had us broadside him by pulling out across a 4 way junction when we were on green light. I know this because for a second I was worried maybe it was my fault but Adrian assured me he was the wanker. Phew. So then onto the freeway where there appears to be no rules about under/over taking and you just go as fast as you want in any of the 6 lanes hummm..? it was all going great till Adrian said we need to get off now so a quick slightly scary sweep across 4 lanes of the freeway and we were on the home straight. We went for a BK to recover and then went to safeway to pick up toilet roll for the road trip. In the car park @ safeway I was the only one reversing into my space it was well weird like no one else knows how??? They all drive in very strange.

This afternoon I had a well bad headache and led in bed it was sooooo annoying. Adrian has gone ot a concert this evening with I am too povo to attend and I was too proud to take the money to go off his family. But his aunt took me out for pizza tonight it was well nice! Then I watched a womens softball game on ESPN it was pretty cool although I still don’t exactly understand the scoring system although I am sure its simplier than it looks :-S

Any how I am off to bed now as we need to be up at 5am to leave for our road trip. This might be my last entry for a while as I am not too sure on internet while I am road tripping but fingers crossed I will be able to keep you all updated!

Happy birthday Mum for today/tomorrow! dependant on time zone :)

Happy Birthday Steph for Sunday!


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