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My Feet are BLEEDING lol

We walked...and we walked...and we walked ...and then we brought Micro scooters!

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Been missioning around so much my feet are practically bleeding so I am taking a break from standing and thought I would sit and update this thing with what I have been doing while here in San Francisco. So the first day I was here it was really sunny and since then unfortunately its been a it cloudy not cold but not as hot and it meant that the views of the bridge and the bay aren’t quite as nice which is a bit of a shame.

On the first day out in the city we went by train to the financial district, I managed to break my ticket before we even got off the train so the nice lady gave me a new one so I could escape the station. When you get to the piers at the edge of the financial district there is this like area park thing out of Tony Hawks skate board game its so cool I went to take some pictures and noticed there was a huge bit of dust on my sensor for my SLR not good! So I had to fix that luckily it was so big it was easy to blow off and we were back in business.


We took this tram thing to pier 33 where you can book the Alcatraz tours the man on the tram was really funny chatting on the intercom the whole way.


Once we booked our tickets the next pier over had these seals on it in the water and they were having hardcore wrestling matches it was really funny. The babies were cutest though!


We carried on walking looking for a camera shop and we found one where they showed me that the L series 200mm lense I wanted wasn’t actually that good and the cheaper 300mm one was better although not quite such a bargain on UK prices :-s I got the lens and a posh polariser thing then brought a wide angle extension that will fit to any of my existing lenses and my video camera! We learned pretty quickly luckily before taking hundreds of crap pictures that it’s a fixed focal length adaptor and doesn’t work too well with the polariser but still looks good :)

We carried on walking and came to this small little beach thing and I went for a paddle in the water ended up getting very sandy feet but it was fun. There were people swimming in it and stuff I wasn’t that desperate!


We managed to make it to this steepest windiest street after a massive hike uphill which I think bears the brunt of the responsibility for all the blisters and sores I have now.


Adrian went up it but I stood at the bottom and took pics getting there in itself nearly killed me.
We went to the palace of fine arts it like this outdoor statue thing like a palace its pretty cool but looks weird as its styled old but you can tell its new.


We went back via buses (one driver of which was an ass hole and kicked everyone off with no explanations) to the pier for our Alcatraz tour. This was really cool! There were great views of the city and the buildings were really cool. There was a free audio tour which I kindaish did but got a bit bored to went at my own pace. I took lots of pictures but put a few of my favourites here.


After this we went to the view point for the golden gate bridge but it looked really rubbish as it was a bit foggy and stuff so we took a few pics then rode a very very long bus home.

On the second day we had a bit more of a strategy and we went to union square where there are all the designer stores and I went into tiffanys. Was very exciting!


We also went to the Disney store looking for baby things but there was none I even asked. GRRR. So we missioned with our aching feet when all of a sudden this kid went past on a scooter and inspiration set in we had to by micro scooters to save our feet! So we found this mall and tried hunting in there for scooters. We found a surfer shop with soooooo much cool volcom stuff in it I could have spent a fortune! But I didn’t I was good. There was also a Vans store too again I resisted temptation. We eventually decided to leave and try to find other sources. Just outside were were accosted by these girls with bikinis on who gave us bom chicka wah wah wristbands they are very cool! The girls were a bit scary though and were quite blatantly freezing their asses off.


Next stop was china town and the fortune cookie factory. I brought a whole sack they are well good!

We went back to the finiancial district and Adrian tried one of the Orel milkshakes I had the day before at carl jr’s. they were soooooooooooo gooood. Then we needed the loo so found this scary looking self cleaning thing that really didn’t look very clean. This confused me a lot.


We were back in the tony hawk park thing and I decided to take a few more pics as my ones from the previous day were flawed with that dust thing.

Then we hunted for a bus stop which took about 1.5hrs and then were on late or delayed bus after bus eventually we made it to the golden gate bridge still minus scooters where we proceeded to walk across it we didn’t go all the way but just under half and back again. Very good and awesome views.


From here we went back to the house and got a Chinese the Chinese was nice different but nice. Adrian’s aunt then fed me loads of weird fruit things and biscuits which again were nice and I had green tea! We were talking about the scooters when adrian’s aunt remembered someone that had one and so she rang them and they said where to get them from well good! So we went to target on a mission and brought mini scooters for like $30 bargain! We then went scootering around outside for 30mins or so before going inside to bed.

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Missioning with jet lag!

Shrek 3


We decided to go on a misson to prevent jet lag. I munched on hard on a baguette thing from subway which caused nothing but confusion because i wanted a plain cheese one nice and simple.

We went to see shrek that was well good i kinda fell asleep a bit and i didn't like the popcorn it was all fatty and gross. Picture here.


The we walked back and i discovered a mcdonalds where i ate a massive oreo mcflurry! it was so nice i am going to get more today!


On the way home we also noticed this its a Safeway store yes its true tesco has not succeded in world domination haha!


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I made it here and i am alive

sunny 21 °C

Please see above for all that care lol. will update tomorrow after i have done something exciting.

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Not long now its all ready...

think its all done :-s


Well in the middle of all my revision for my MBA exams I am having a 5 min chill out to update this thing as sods law i won't get time to write a thing in it while i am away.

Adrian and me have kinda got a bit of a route planned out now and some of out accomidation booked which is cool :) not 100% on where we're going to be when but i did hire the car :D

So once i get these exams over with then it off home quickly stick all the stuff in the washing machine and misson off! WOO HOO!

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Planning for America

Woo all booked

As you can see I have not been anywhere yet but I do have a minor plan emerging not bad considering this time last week I didn't know I was going.

Check back soon :)

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