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Monaco – Monte Carlo our night with the rich and Famous!

30/34 Countries! get in there!

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We were only about 30mins drive from Monaco so we decided to head over that way in the evening. On the way there we passed lots of luxuary cars. Mainly maserati’s and Ferraris. They were all very pretty cars :D there was a convertible Bentley aswell which switched it up a bit. Upon arrival to the province the number of expensive cars went through the roof and we decided to head for the Monte Carlo casino as our first stop :D we stuck chitty down in the car park there and went exploring.

The fountains were very pretty and there were a lot of very wealthy ‘looking’ people. I am pretty sure many were just like us only they were pretending not to be skanky. We went into the casino and Dale gambled €5 on the one armed bandits. He let me pull that handle for a bit it was quite exciting although we didn’t win anything other than upping the money once to twice to lengthen the fun and games.

There is the famous Paris café next to the casino which offers a great view of the casino and fountains so we went there for probably the most expensive beer in history. €8 per bottle of Monaco beer. I am glad I tried it and stole my bottle but I wouldn’t recommend the beer to others as it was pretty gross! We looked around at all the people in the resturant and realised there was a hell of a lot of sugar daddys in there with their younger models. We noticed at least three extreme examples right by us! Maybe I have got all this education and working hard malarkie wrong and actually I should just find some old wrinkly!

From the café we walked around the harbour and looked at the yachts and speed boats. There were loads of them and we were amazed at how much money must be sat in that harbour!

On the way out we were trying to find a McDonalds but some of the roads were closed so this made life difficult and resulted in me having to sneak into a bar to use their toilet before we eventually started heading back towards the campsite and a McDonalds nearer there…we couldn’t afford real food in MC!

So all in all a great night out I just hope one day through hard work I can get to enjoy a place like that properly with my yacht and Aston Martin…which unlike a Ferrari won’t break down half way from England when I take it there :-p

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Croatia to San Marino and then Monaco!

Out and about with the rich and famous!

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We got up early and started up the coast towards Slovenia. This was a nice easy road and had little trouble. We did hit a bit of traffic on the way towards the border and there was an old English couple in their camper next to us. They shouted hello and we did back. We then asked if they knew where there was a McDonalds. They laughed at us but I don’t think they realised it was a serious question and not a joke.

When we got over the border we went to a Duty free store and everything was no longer nice and cheap so we passed on that one! Slovinea was literally just a short drive through and before we knew it we were in Italy!

Dale being half Italian was tasked with teaching me the basics so I could at least look like I was making an effort. I have learned the greetings, politeness and 1-10. I feel quite proud!

We headed for a Tom Tom campsite near San Marino and were pleased when we got there that there was still a fair bit of day light left…sadly they were not really open as a camp site anymore and had no room for us so we had to move on. We headed to San Marino and took lots of photos as it got dark and admired the beautiful views over the mountains and Rimini. We also got a McDonalds there and it was quite possibly the McDonalds with the best view in the world :D

We decided that the sensible thing to do would be to layby it over night somewhere on the way to Pisa and that’s what we did stopping at a services over night. We didn’t really fancy paying €30 for the night to sleep in the car as it was now dark.
The next morning we woke early and found that others were also sleeping in their cars so at least we were not alone. I went into the café and tried out my Italian which was great and I got what I wanted result! From here we headed over to Pisa which was really easy to find and we just parked on the side of the road and got some pictures of the famous tower and square. There were a lot of tourists there including English ones and we realised we were no longer special any more ☹

We headed on towards Monaco now and stopped just before the border with France at a Campsite recommended by Tom Tom, its quite expensive at €38 per night but at least its spacious and the toilets are clean if not without toilet paper. I’ll update this next when we’ve done some exploring!


Ferrari's raced with: 1
Horse and Carts seen: 79
McDonalds with probably the best view in the world:San Marino!
Discount got on sunnys:75%! haggle em good!

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This place is really pretty SWEET!

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The first morning we got up early and I woke to find Dale not in the car. He came back looking somewhat the worse for wear saying that he had a bad stomach and had been ill. Doh! Since we were in Croatia I could now drive the car so I did the 1.5hrs up to Split where we planned on stopping for a couple of nights.

When we got there we needed to find a campsite and a nice lady on a cigarette stand pointed us in the right direction which was good :D We found the site with little difficulty and pitched up as best we could on the skelping gravel surfaces! Everyone was struggling but a nice French guy next door lent us his hammer. Dale was still feeling pretty shitty so stayed at the camp for a bit while I headed down to the beach. It was a gravel beach but really nice and the water was warm and clear. I took my lilo and just floated around on the surface for a few hours it was very peaceful. Dale then appeared at about lunch time and said he was all cleared out and feeling much better so indulged in a large and very delicious looking sandwich from the bar. I went and got a Sandwich as well then for lunch and I was not disappointed. It was huge and enough to keep me going all day. With a Pizza type construction to it, it was a meal in itself!

We stayed on the beach for the rest of the day. Dale tried to see if anyone else was interested in a Game of football but wasn’t able to drum up interest from anyone so play a bit alone. We then went back to the tent and Dale was trying to teach me keepy uppys.

For tea we went back to the beach restaurant and had a nice meal…Dale was not so pleased with his though and we are fairly certain he had a horse not a beef burger.

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Road to Croatia!

Lots of Countries lots of days!

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Well we set off as early as we could…the issue being that a) they didn’t serve brakfast until 8:30am and b) the manager was not about to take our payment and it took me threatending them with sending a unfavourable review to Lonely planet about the wait for the waiting staff to take our €100 and let us leave! Not impressed!

The road through Montenegro was fairly windy but generally in pretty good condition. The signage wasn’t too bad and we managed to get to the boreder without making a single mistake which is always nice. The drive was very scenic though which is good and it didn’t make the time drag too much.

At the Serbia border there were no delays we literally went straight through with no polava it was good. Serbia was similar to Montenegro but not such mountainous terrain with lots of small towns and villages dotted about the place. It only took about 2hrs to get through the section we were travelling in and we were soon at the border!

When we got to the Bosnia border they made us pay insurance as our ‘green card’ wasn’t valid. This was €25 euros for three days so quite expensive but we needed to to proceed forward!

We were looking forward to getting to the capital Sarajevo as we were hopeful that there would be a McDonalds there for us to get something to eat. As we drew near we thought of a new game to play and started calling for McDonalds out of the window. This didn’t go according to plan and the magic M failed to show itself. We did however provide much amusement for locals who wondered what the hell we were doing! The best was when we went by a crowded bus stop and Dale screamed ‘McDonalds!!!!” at them and they all just looked over confused. We stopped at a petrol station and brought some refreshments and asked the guy there if there was a McDonalds anywhere. He laughed and said not in all of Bosnia we were well gutted ☹

So on we went and it was starting to get late and dark by the time we got to Mostar. We were hoping to see the bridge but due to the time we couldn’t be bothered making a mission into the centre and went for a petrol station with a large market attached instead. It was here that Dale brought the dreaded Tunafish of DOOM!

We carried on with our Journey to the border and were literally just waved through into Croatia. They didn’t even look at our passports was quite funny. We stopped in a layby not far into the country and spent the night there.

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Montenegro - Budva (22/34)

Eastern Europe you shit on your own chips you ‘don’t know fucking cascada?'

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Been having a fab time in Montenegro. We are in the Oaza hotel and it was a reasonable €50 per night (triple room no twins they tried sticking me and Dale in a double I don't think so!) including breakfast which was tasty! I had a cheese omlette and Dale had the bacon and eggs. We headed for the beach early and spent most of the day there. Lots of sun screen was needed as it was really hot but it seems like I have avoided getting burned. I think Dale did a little on his legs but he will be ok as it isn’t too bad.

We got a bit bored of being lazy so went for a wander to find a football shirt for Dale this we did and on the persuit for a football kit for my Nephew Justin for his birthday. Failed to find Justin a kit but I found ninja stars! They were a bargain at €5 each and I brought 2 of them! One looks well cool! Probably the best there is around lol.

We had decided that we would go out to the bars tonight so I straightened my hair and everything for the occasion (the first opportunity really since leaving the UK!) but was disappointed with what I found given my efforts. Tea was lovely I went for a greek salad and my only complaint was they didn’t deseed the olives. But the disappointment was that the bars had a sense that there was a delusion of grandeur going on with them thinking it was ok to charge €5 for a can of red bull! That is not a good deal! Dale and I were on the Jagerbombs! This was a mission in itself to explain but we got there eventually! These were €9 for two but Jagermiester was on offer as the shot of the evening so that’s probably why it was only a little more.

We then decided it would be good to request some songs so we could have a dance and went for Cascada – a selection of tunes thus far know everywhere in Europe except by the rubbish DJ on the Swedish boat. After 15-20mins nothing had been played based on Dale’s request so I wrote Cascada on a napkin and handed it to the DJ he then gestured to me that it was coming up next. Dale and I endured another 20mins of songs all to the same base line of “Your Poison……your poison” it was a bit weird? Dale then went to write his original request down again and went to hand it to the DJ incase there was some misinterpretation and as he did so, noticed the DJ showing my note to Yokels asking if they knew what it was ☹ Eastern Europe had at that very moment lost my vote as a holidaying destination of choice as the Swed would say “they don’t know fucking Cascada!”. The DJ was also crap in general…in every bar as there was no beat matching to be found and one song would be blended into another at totally the wrong pitch and tempo again and again, alas Croatia tomorrow lets see if they know Cascada?

I had another good nights sleep after my excursions last night and another delicious if not a little rich Cheese omelette. Off to Serbia and Bosnia…I have a nasty feeling this is going to be a very long drive due to the poor road conditions here and windy mountain roads but we will see!

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